Story Behind BOSSMIT

You Might Be Surprised To Discover What Happened to An Old Wooden Bus

What started as more or less a whim has now become a serious venture with a big purpose.

Not too long ago the oldest operating bus in Shillong was about to be retired. After carrying people and potatoes for almost 50 years it was time for the bus graveyard. But wait! Perhaps that old bus has potential and a brighter future.

There were probably some who thought purchasing an old Smit Bus was a dumb idea. It was a risk. The bus was made in 1971 and most saw only problems, but we saw opportunities. Soon more ideas and excitement emerged. Should it be used for music events in remote locations? Give tourists tours of Shillong? Be a mobile restaurant? 

Ideas are easy - turning them to reality is hard. Renovation took almost one year. Restoring the wood frame and painting the old beauty was just the start. Creating a successful business is hard. 


We Gave Her the Name BOSSMIT

This is the local name for the bus. Our BOSSMIT had been making the round trip journey from Shillong Meghalaya to the village of Smit thousands of times occasionally with passengers on the roof. Since the destination of the bus is Smit, it was commonly called 'BOS SMIT'. Now our BOSSMIT was ready for something new.

The goal of releasing potential, transforming lives and creating profit with purpose had to be part of the plan. We wanted the bus to become a role model of excellence proving that a healthy company can make a difference. The plan is to show that work can bring out creativity and the best in people.

How Do We Do This?

Events, experiences and restaurants will be created. We welcome you to join the journey. Come, visit and experience BOSSMIT!


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